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Available Training Services

Perfect Puppy Manners

Everyone wants the perfect puppy right? Well with this package that's what we assure you will have! Your pup will have excellent manners and know several basic commands as well as an emergency recall.

Service Dog

We support everyone's challenges here at Pawfect angels, if you or a loved one are in need of extra assistance to live life to the fullest, this package may be good for you. Mobility, Medical Alert, Psychiatric, or At Home Therapy, we have what you need.

Basic Obediance

With this package, your pup or dog will learn basic tricks and commands such as leave it, stay, roll over, and much more! Your dog will be the star of the show with reliable voice and hand commands.


Ever wished your dog would jump through hoops to please you? Well now it can! This package will offer a rewarding bonding experience and train your dog to jump, crawl, and climb their way deeper into your hearts!

Advanced Obediance

Want to wave goodbye to your dog, and have your dog wave back? Or how about having your dog bring in the paper or fetch a drink from your fridge? This addition to basic obedience is sure to impress any dog lover.

Behavioral Modification

Does your dog chew furniture, counter surf, or bark all day long? dealing with separation anxiety? Is he nervous around other dogs? Or is he reactive or even aggressive to new dogs or strangers? With this package we will offer gentle rehabilitation to dogs with lack of confidence, or with too much confidence.  

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