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Perfact Puppy Manners

What defines a perfect puppy?

Being a perfect puppy doesn't mean the pup needs to grow up immediately. It just means the puppy needs to learn a few basic manners, become properly socialized, and obtain just a hair or self control. You don't want your puppy to burn out, or to take away the fun experience of puppyhood but you also don't want your dog to become a mouthy adult that always jumps up on people either right?

We make puppy classes fun and exciting above all else. The more fun a puppy has, the more they are going to want to listen and please their human, and the more bonded to you they will become. The more you play with your puppy the more they will respect you as a part of their pack, and the more they will obey your rules.

Your can find our puppy training checklist under our resources page, or click the button below to see what is included in this package. Your will also receive a week by week training course on your first day of class, as well as a certificate of completion. 

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