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Behavioral Modification

A Good Dog's Bad Decision

Every dog starts out as a good dog. Every dog ends as a good dog. What happens in between is due to its environment and the people and animals around it. Here's the perspective you ought to consider: Dogs don't have hands, they use their mouth like a hand. The grab with their mouth, they play with their mouth, they communicate and gesture with their mouth, and they also protect themselves with their mouth. 

Many dogs end up in shelters or worse because of biting, or being too energetic for their families. Our goal is to teach the dogs the right ways to play and the proper ways to communicate with humans, as well as showing the humans what the dog is trying to tell them. 

If your dog is out of control, acts too tough for their britches, or simply has a few bad habits, please contact us immediately by clicking the button below, and we will set up a course specifically for you and for your needs. To see what common dog behavior problems are, click the resources button below.

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