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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Our Story

Hi there, my name is Kat, the lead dog trainer of this company, and Groomer In Training! I am a small business owner run solely on my own means, with the goal to save families the stress of an unruly, and unkempt canine companion. It is a personal goal of mine, to keep misunderstood pets from ending up in shelters due to misbehavior and miscommunication. That's why my slogan was and always will be, teaching humans to speak dog, one paw at a time. 

I have been an dog person from the moment I was born. My nursery was themed like Noah's ark, my childhood was themed to Scoobey Doo, my adolescence was filled with dreams of being a vet, or a canine cop, and I landed in training and grooming. I never had the heart for facing the disappointments this world had to offer when it came to becoming a vet or a cop. instead I found a path that only offers hope, light in the darkness, and a solid way out for those in troubling times. 

I started training with my first dog when I was 13. I found every book at my local library, every documentary the library had to offer, every nonfiction book about sad dog stories I could find. You see... My dog was a.... unique dog. The kind of dog who literally jumps off of a cliff to chase his ball, drops 40 feet to the sandy banks below, then has to be carried out of the pit to the grassy playing field, only to do the exact same thing about three more times the same day. The kind of dog who is so headstrong, the word "NO" had no meaning, the kind of dog who would run until he was exhausted, and keep running till his paw pads bled. He would bark all day, all night, when he wanted something, when he was bored, when he was tired, when he was sad, for no reason at all sometimes. He had no off button. He was a "Bad Dog" but we loved him all the same. he was my family's first dog, so we were definitely in over our heads, and I was determined to learn to speak dog, so that i could possibly control this wild beast of ours. Turns out, control wasn't the key, communication was. He was talking to us, we just didn't know how to translate it. 

Sparky is my inspiration for starting this journey, and I miss him every day. It is hard to lose a dog, but it is impossible to forget him.

Meet The Team

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Our Clients

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